"This book of 'why bother trying, I'll never be as good as these guys?'


Clip from “Girl Meets Crazy Hat”, with a special visit from Jackée Harry.

Does anybody know if the Cure Sunny S.H. Figuarts is still available anywhere?

Nippon Yasen decided to cancel my order a day before it was released. They couldn’t have been bothered to put a hold on it until I got paid, so they cancelled it. 

Sunny is the last figuarts of the Smile team that I need. So does anyone know if it’s still in stock anywhere at a decent price?

Please let me know! I would be so grateful!

Otherwise I will forever have an incomplete Precure team.

Anonymous whispered:
Easy... THeres an ova off akuma no riddle, bro... Less than 100 till it aires

Oh that’s good. We’re getting something after all! Hopefully it’ll continue after the ending, or be something of an alternate ending. Thanks for telling me about this! 

Akuma no Riddle » Reflections [1/2]