Just a little sketch of my favorite idol Chihaya and a random Yayoi.

The more Nonon art, the better.

Did this out of boredom last night, using only one tool in SAI. (other than the eraser) 

Drawing with my right hand is a pain for me. Literally. I almost got a hand cramp while drawing that.

Kurtofsky will never stop being my one true OTP. May this ship last forever.

My first Kurtofsky pic in who knows how long.

Happy Valentines day KPirates!!

Of all the episodes in the show, I don’t know what made me choose to redraw Usagi in that particular moment. x

Trying to decide what style to use to color this. I gotta fix her left arm first.

It’s Haruka’s birthday today! You all know what that means….birthday drawing!! :D  

Happy Birthday to our favorite sailor senshi of the wind!

Happy birthday to everyone’s favorite silver-hared, ramen loving queen, Shijou Takane.

Well I got a crayola color wheel for Christmas… and ended up making this. There’s a couple mistakes I made when trying to erase the pencil that was too close to the crayon. whoops. I won’t do that again. Either way this was still fun to color.

Man I hardly ever go on Gaia anymore. But ever since they released those Sailor Moon and My Little Pony items, I’ve been coming back to the website every once in a while to build up my gold. I’m so poor. XD At least I got the Cresent Moon Wand so I’m happy.

I forgot she had wings on and I missed a few details and didn’t draw the Mami companion, but I’ve already been way too impatient with this so no wings in the drawing.

Ami is done! Getting a pose for her was really frustrating because I fail at drawing sexy poses and I wanted it to look awkward since Ami is always the one with the awkward sexy poses. Ah well. XD Everyone seemed to really like the Moonbra drawing. (so many notes!! Thank you all who reblogged it! :D) I’m gonna continue this little series. Next up is Rei!

As much as I’m not into bras, the new Sailor Moon bra&undies are very cute. Here’s a drawing of Usagi in the bra&undies!  Should I draw the others in their own versions like this? The Mercury bra would look nice on Ami.